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Come to the table, humbly…. seek solutions; hang ego on hat rack

Idea: Trump should hire Hillary to help him deal with secret takings publicly exposed….

If he hired her, I’m sure the tape would disappear or be the subject of a lawsuit…
And she would wisely counsel him that he is never alone….

Words do hurt and do lasting damage.

Once stated about “free sex:” you benefit as though you slept with all of your partners’ partners…. latex, notwithstanding: abortion only hides ONE of the consequences.

Even so, your words… whether with a small cluster of playboy friends, tipsy boasting at the bar, or mad about the betrayal of a friend.

Not just words…. ex lovers have posted vulgar pictures and comments things thought to be personal, private intimacies — at the expense of another, usually female: the answer:: ABORTION? And how does that rebuild the self esteem of the victim of sexting?

I know there are plenty of men and women who save sex for marriage and for their one and only partner… My dad was proud to say he was a virgin when he married…. most comment about virgins that I hear are derogatory… “married, but probably still a virgin… ha ha…”
There are plenty who never say vulgar stuff, nor watch R movies… read romance novels…. not enjoy “Canterbury Tales…?”

Plenty who choose NOT to use expletives to punctuate sentences or for emphasis… anger or pain — at least not in the presence of a lady…

But I also know that my usually God fearing dad and uncles, aunts and grandmothers… and me — ALL on occasions, used language from which young children should be shielded…

Including my horror as one of those young kids: hearing an AUNT tell her son, “..if they (high school girls) are stupid enough to give it (sex), TAKE IT!”

Am I giving names? Of course not. Do I have a recording? Nope. I never would want to hurt this person I loved.

Over 15 years this conversation repeatedly came up as topic of discussion: whether appropriate for a caring person, Christian or not?

It’s an issue for youth of all ages and married folks alike: temptation–

for those who make choices for purity in early youth, there is still temptation but it’s a decision stick with purity… usually involves staying away from tempting situations… because they trust blindly that God knows best…. that loving parents, teachers, pastors, and Godly friends are reinforcing that purity is best.

We live in a land where sex outside of marriage is topic of Prime time TV. Purity? Valuing women? For that matter valuing true manhood: who do you hear teaching boys to be chivalrous? Who is telling boys to value women as more than sex objects?

The value Mrs Clintons folks give to women is multifold: equal pay; equal sex; equal freedom with no consequences…. at the same time we go after child support from “dead beat dads,” we give women the exclusive right to say whether a child…. as late as 9 months,

clearly viable outside the womb IF BORN….

Are injected or vacuumed out of their “safe” womb….

How can women and lovers of women: be SO upset bY Trump’s 11 year old words stated to other men in private….

and yet have no problem with pornography, vulgar topics in songs and videos….

and the idea that “planning parenthood” means killing all your babies until you are ready for the challenge?!!!

NEITHER OF THESE CANDIDATES is a worthy role model…. both have already promised 4 years of comedy folder.

But List politicians of yesterday and today, morally, they have both lowered themselves to be in that club. Celebrities in Hollywood, successful musicians, pro ball players, making multimillion dollar salaries: much of it wasted in a playboy lifestyle… these two fit right in in some ways… hopefully, they have matured a little bit…. but did values improve or just the ability to conceal short comings?

This election boils down to two philosophies that are different in two very flawed packages.

We say “you can’t judge a book by its cover”. Judging a politician by what you see or hear is tough… we know what these two view as a successful presidency. Most presidents modify those views a bit: Obama went more liberal…. I think Mrs Clinton would —

I hope Trump will hold fast and even become more conservative in those basic tenets: budget, military, borders, FAIR, planned parenthood and Obamacare…

Please DONT RESIGN: we need an alternative to Hillary.

Who ever is elected, it will be up to parents, teachers, churches and moral civic groups to lift up high values–

Ethics in business practice is not enough; staying within the law is not enough;
Nor for sure just not getting caught.

This is true with either, but even more critical if Hillary goes in. Hillary has been true to several hallmark issues over her career; she appeals to humanists who value helping people– ALL people perceived to be oppressed on any way… independent of faith.

In fact,  faith and honor seem to exclude the needy ones from their concern.  I don’t like it, but I’ve seen something similar.

In social work classes nearly 40 years ago: I   Wanted to include everyone in a program to address mental illness and suicide: the class including the teacher were appalled that I would waste funds: offering services to the “rich.”  Even the poorest American is rich compared to the worlds population; Christians are perceived as rich, not needing the nation’s funding for protection compounded further arguements artificially produced that imply the if we are promoting our Faith, the the Government had the obligation to stand clear of us….  while going full steam ahead to support issues touted as the country’s….

those who view abortion as a right and who agree with what they know of Planned Parenthood : they can’t imagine intelligent folks being against something so “common sense”   …. to close our doors to anyone in need, seems so cruel…

it reminds me of my childhood, when a favorite pet was hit by a car– suffering on the brink of death: the decision to “put him down” is no easier 30 years later when it’s not my horse, but one I saw most every day for a few years….

the same folks who want to abort babies also want to open doors to oppressed refugees… and on an odd sort of way for the same reasons.

These decisions are so much easier if we can say that some folks are expendable– —handicapped, broken bodies, broken bodies, requiring expensive therapies or surgeries just to maintain life… in a sense are of limited viability;

–kids who will  ever fully mature to be productive members of society;

–unborn babies, possibly handicapped,  who are unwanted by those who conceived them … a burden joint resources, perhaps beyond the resources of those who would adopt them;

–people who willingly enter harms way, knowing the risk, never promise protection in all circumstances…. military members, foreign ambassadors, local public servants: expendable when resources are needed elsewhere or when intervening who challenge the safety of the greater masses;

–how about congressmen? City councilmen? Mayors? Governors? The President of the United States of America?–I learned of a policy: when Air Force One is at any airport, that airport remains closed to traffic until the President is safely away…. no exceptions

–Recently, one of our USAF Thunderbird aircrafts was unexpectedly running low on fuel

— no option landing at the airport with AirForce One… no time to find another airport or any other solution… the pilot chose a safe crash point and safely ejected.

–If the only way to avoid a heavily populated area, the pilot would have given his/her life to stay with the plane. There is a point beyond which ejection is not possible.

–what would have happened if the crippled vessel was a airline loaded with civilians… ?  ATC would have led them away to another airport and hopefully the problem recognized in time to land safely elsewhere.  This is the essence of decision making: two good things in conflict…. the POTA vs a $30M plane? The life of a pilot vs the possible extermination of a populated area?  Limited vaccines: who gets them?  Limited funds: what do we support?

everyday we place value on life… to only think about abortion or capital punishment or war, is short sighted… but to lightly dismiss any one or these is also shortsighted.

we don’t agree in our families or churches…. bring in the larger population and the opinions are even more diverse.

here is an idea…. the answer may not come from a political leader…. decisions will be made but not necessarily a solution– like a treatment is not necessarily a CURE for cancer.

but just maybe one of the kids who is redeemed after a life begun entrenched in crime or one of the babies spared from abortion… or perhaps one of the immigrants LEGALLY entering our land drawing from experiences of hate and disaster with the aid of a good education…

Will we block the channel of our blessing?

to assume that there are no threats and blindly act giving asylum to those who would destroy us is unwise. To blindly close our borders and our hearts is also unwise.

Perhaps God has given us different perspectives so that we can work together looking at a complete picture. Politically, we choose either one or the other….

lets stop picking apart the candidates…. if we value both positions and even those positions not represented…. instead of playing power games, actually doing the work of statesmen trusting that if we work together respectfully among our citizens, perhaps we can find a respectful solution for all… instead we assume that our two views are totally incompatible….

I’d like to see a discussion for a solution between Hillary and Mike Pence… with both of them working together and with there advisors at the state and local level. Tim Caine drawing cooperation from congress and Trump calling forth responsible use of wealth to grow our country: killing DEbt and funding solutions with tax breaks for those finding causes.   Let abortion proponents find abortion and limit access according to donations; let pro life folks support plans to limit unwanted pregnancies and support women who keep babies or offer for adoption. There is a sense where we think others must adopt our view….. not. But we can find common concerns and the fears that push us away from cooperative collaboration.  If THESE FOUR folks can work together when there are no cameras to play to crowds….this would be enlightening.  Possible?

Let them temper one another with the republican conservatism not to block the plan,  but like MENSa seeking to pull all the issues and all possibilities and involve those who are most affected by border control Issuesas well as those in less effected areas who nonetheless carry a large portion of the financial burden; law enforcement; HEW; how best do we call forth the strengths of all our citizens, not just immigrants…

May God guide our votes and draw us to Himself.

Now — the morning after: the people have spoken  by a slight margin, its president Elect Trump.

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